” Outstanding facility with an expert team who told me straight and assisted me get into fantastic condition.”


”I’ve been training here for more than 3 years. I’m kept motivated and the results have been extremely positive. Incredibly versatile and dedicated trainers. Their enthusiasm and knowledge of the fitness field keeps the workouts varied, challenging and fun. I look forward to every training session. Working with TE is the best thing I have done for my fitness.”


”Many people have a personal trainer to keep themselves in condition for life and for work; but for a few of us we have a personal trainer because we want to stay alive and our health is so marginal that not staying alive becomes a matter of concern. When I first started working with TE in 2008 I was a shade of gray, my breathing was bad; I was bent out of shape, overweight and could not sleep.

Fortunately the training style is entirely bespoke and directed to your individual well-being needs. So I have slowly un-twisted my body, I sleep satisfactorily; I consider food as something to be thought about rather than eaten in desperation as the blood-sugar bites. I owe this to the training programme TE put together for me.

I am certain they can provide others with the same level of individual training; we are our most important assets, the investment is worth it.”


” I’ve been working with three trainers at TE for the last six years covering martial arts, boxing and ultra distance. It’s been an amazing journey, I’m in phenomenal physical and mental shape and really enjoying the occasional competition.”


“I have a great time training at TE, and learnt a hell of a lot – without doubt the most productive team of trainers that I have ever worked with.“


”Been training at TE for about 10 years. In that time I’ve stayed in excellent condition and they have proved to be the most inspirational and positive influence to me. Always completely reliable, professional and enthusiastic with boundless patience with an extremely hard work ethic for themselves and for those they train.”


” Over the las three years I have gone from being heavily overweight and pretty unhappy into a lean and very happy, productive person The studio and the team are simply brilliant and a huge part of my week / life.”


” Absolutely love training here, surrounded by professional trainers who know what they’re doing and deliever consistetly.”


” TE studio is such a GEM! I’ve never felt better and with a mix of personal training and AMAZING life changing Life Coaching with Cengiz I’ve never been more focused or felt more happier than I do now”





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