William Harvey

Specialises in

  • Research driven fat loss techniques
  • Improving performance with strength and conditioning training
  • Boosting psychological wellbeing through fitness and health
  • Slimming and toning to increase body confidence

Will is a specialist in fat loss and weight management driven by his keen interest in the latest research-driven approaches. This means he understands how to get you long lasting and impactful results.

With a degree in Sports Science, Level 3 REPs qualifications and experience playing college level sport in the USA, Will has long been dedicated, inquisitive and passionate in his approach to fitness.

His philosophy on training is to both train and teach you so you can use his expertise with and without him. He also believes strongly in tracking your progress both in and out of the gym by using objective measures to make sure you are constantly moving towards the short and long term results you want to achieve.

One of the big drivers for his dedication towards fitness is the understanding he has of the benefits fitness plays not just on our physical health but towards our psychological health too. He has experienced stressful and busy city jobs and found fitness a great way to handle the lifestyle that went with it. What this means for his clients is that he can empathise with the demands that their schedules place on them.

All this experience means Will understands the importance of building a programme that is tailored specifically to you. This gives you a programme that fits your lifestyle, keeps you motivated and gets slim, toned and strong in quick time.