‘We are only as good as our last session’ – TÉ Team

Outstanding facility with an expert team, told me straight and assisted me get into AMAZING condition.


I had a great time training with you, and learnt a hell of a lot – you have been without doubt the most productive team of trainers that I have ever had.


I have been a member of 8 different London gyms over the past twenty years, but have never come across the quality and type of training that is delivered at TE Studio. I can honestly say that I am now far fitter and stronger than I have ever been in my life, and have changed my whole perception and practise of training. Even the knee problem I had from an injury a few years ago has been resolved. What makes TE Studio exceptional, I think, is the trainers inspirational dedication and drive for their own fitness, a dedication which means that their clients always get the most effective and up-to-date techniques for fitness training, but always in a safe and manageable way due to the extensive understanding of body mechanics. Overall, I would rate TE Studio trainers as the best trainers I have come across in London.


The TE Studio team has an incredible energy combined with their aspirational physiques which are the ultimate advertisement for everything you could hope for from a team of personal trainers. Over the year I have toned my stubborn upper arms and been helped to re-discover my collar bones! I can’t recommend them highly enough, simply fantastic!


I am very lucky to have discovered TE Studio, before I met them I did not want to try out different exercises and was happy to do only yoga and pilates. TE introduced me to several different workouts-boxing, spinning, resistance tube, weights, and even outdoors running. They advised me on all aspects of fitness training and nutrition. In four months I lost about ten kilos without going on a diet at all. I am much stronger and energetic today than ever before. I function better as a human being because I am fit. Cannot recommend highly enough.


I have trained with TE for four years and I continue to enjoy every session. I train twice a week and every session is different which keeps it all very interesting. The variety within the sessions ensures every part of the body gets a good workout. There are about 10 people at Mako who regularly train with TE and everybody speaks very highly of the team quality of the workouts.

They plan the session in advance and always takes into account the fitness levels of every individual. TE has increased everyone level of fitness at Mako and given the environment we work in the stress levels have been reduced as a result of the training.

Team are very personable which makes the hard workouts more enjoyable. I cannot recommend them highly enough and look forward to continuing working with them for years to come.

Lorraine Baines, CFOMAKO

I’ve been training with TE for more than 5 years. They keep me motivated and the results have been very positive. Incredibly versatile and dedicated trainers who’s enthusiasm and knowledge of the fitness field keeps the workouts varied, challenging and fun. I look forward to every training session. Working with TE is the best thing I have done for my fitness!

Ying OwYeang

Cengiz Dervis was my personal training for about 10 years until I left London. In that time he proved to be the most inspirational and positive influence to me. He was always completely reliable, professional and enthusiastic. His patience is boundless with an extremely hard work ethic for himself and for those he trains. He expects the best and gets results.

C Wright

Many people have a personal trainer to keep themselves in condition for life and for work; but for a few of us we have a personal trainer because we want to stay alive and our health is so marginal that not staying alive becomes a matter of concern. When I first started working with Cengiz in 2008 I was a shade of gray, my breathing was bad; I was bent out of shape, overweight and could not sleep.

Fortunately Cengiz’s training style is entirely bespoke and directed to your individual well-being needs. So I have slowly un-twisted my body, I sleep satisfactorily; I consider food as something to be thought about rather than eaten in desperation as the blood-sugar bites. I owe this to the training programme Cengiz has put together for me.

I am certain he can provide others with the same level of individual training; we are our most important assets, the investment is worth it.


Training with TE twice a week for the last year has been a revelation. At 44 I was finding it hard to maintain cardio fitness and flexibility. Now I’m back to 10K times from 5 years ago and running/cycling with a new found freedom. Kick boxing has been fantastic, lots to learn, but very rewarding for fitness, discipline and strength. I feel I could defend myself if ever needed.

TE have taught/given me more than a decade of gym work has achieved. We have discussed all areas of health from nutrition to psychology, my well being has improved markedly. Great team, highly recommended.

Colin Williams

TE house a fun bunch of brilliant personal trainers.

My husband had back surgery twice after years of sport and then sitting at a desk for 12 hours a day with bad posture. It seemed that nothing could make him better but after meeting TE they worked out a program that not only improved his health and physique but was also enjoyable. My husband looks forward to each training session with TE as he knows that it makes him feel so good.

I have witnessed these sessions over the years and have spent the last year benefiting from the same treatment. I cannot imagine life without exercise anymore. Where going to the gym was boring and I never seemed to achieve anything, one hour with TE makes me feel like I have really achieved something. I love my sessions, I feel fit and the trainers are great company so the hour goes by so fast. One hour is enough though, every muscle that needs work is put through it’s paces.

I love the fact that the team change each training session to suit my mood on the day and there is always a choice of things to do which keep me engaged, from the use of gym equipment to basic martial arts

Andy and Nicola SinfieldInvestment Banker and Housewife

I was strolling through Regents Park, when I met Cengiz teaching another client kick-boxing. With a black-belt background in karate, it was obvious to me that Cengiz was of the highest calibre as a practitioner and teacher of martial arts. This was over four years ago. I have been training regularly with Cengiz ever since.

Since training with Cengiz I have discovered further attributes in him, an outstanding personality and dedication to his client’s individual training needs. The sessions are always different and perhaps the most motivating aspect of all is that they are always fun!

Roman Barrister at law

TE is a rarity in the fitness industry. The ability to infuse a great wealth of experience with humour, passion, knowledge and the occasional pain! The fact that I even feel compelled to write something for me speaks volumes.

Richard Mondszein

TE helped speed my recovery when he trained me as part of a rehabilitation program prescribed by my consultant. Their unfailing cheer and expertise have played a great part in making me well again.

Liz Chong

3 months before I was due to run my first-ever marathon in 2010, I injured my knee and was unable to go on any training runs which was very frustrating. I started working with Fran and he put together a personalised programme for me that involved keeping my cardio up with cross training and doing various weights to support my knee, he also gave me some very helpful advice on nutrition and preparation for the race. As the marathon drew nearer lots of people told me I should have pulled out and was mad for going ahead with it due to the lack of running but I followed Fran’s advice to the letter and managed to run the whole marathon in 4 hours 50 which I was delighted with (the most I had ever run before that was 9.5 miles!). After all the obstacles to my training, crossing that line was a truly amazing feeling and I have no doubt at all that I could not have achieved this without Fran’s help.

Alex Whitson

I wanted to complete the Switzerland Ironman 2010 and knew I needed a coach to guide me through the year of intense training. Fran had done 4-5 years of Ironman events around the world and I knew he had the ability to coach me as a first time Ironman athlete. I completed the Ironman on the 25 July 2010 in 12 hours, 55 minutes and 45 seconds. It was a humbling yet mind blowing experience and I had Fran with me at the event to coach me all the way to the finish line.

I highly recommend and valued Fran as a coach because he had the experience to help me avoid mistakes in training and on race day. He stopped me over training and he kept my nutrition and mental state in peak condition. He was aware of my life and how training would effect it on a daily basis. He was able to adapt the training for busy times in my life and injuries. Fran has a military background but also has trained as a lawyer. He mixes uncompromising intensity of training with intelligence to build a fully comprehensive program that works. Having a coach is better than following a program because training can be varied, is bespoke, and I had someone to talk to when I had questions. This premium service is vital when training for one year and buying all the equipment you need to as an Ironman.

Lastly, Fran is very “human” in his approach. He is easy to talk to, listens and is compassionate when he needs to be. He spends time carefully planning his programs and he is meticulous with the detail. I highly recommend Fran as a coach for endurance events.

Rhys ChongPhysiotherapist, business owner and IRONMAN