Shensoy Dervish

Personal Trainer | Martial Arts Master

Specialises in

  • The Martial Art of Shen Chi Do
  • Kickboxing
  • Fitness / cardiovascular

Shensoy is the son of Founder Professor Grand Master Shen. He started training at the age of 6 under the tuition of his father in Shen Chi Do martial arts. He still trains in the art of Shen Chi Do with his father and is currently a 5th dan senior Master working towards his 6th dan Black. Shensoy has trained and competed at a high level of light continuous and full contact kickboxing where he held the GKFO Light continuous British title and the WAKO and WKA Full contact Kickboxing titles for a number of years!

Shensoy offers training in Kickboxing and the martial art of Shen Chi Do which combines high powered combination kicking techniques with unlimited hand motions. This art involves: Throws, sweeps, locks, holds, pressure points, circular motions and weapon techniques, such as Samurai sword, stick, fan techniques etc. Shen Chi Do is as suitable for women as it is for men, of all ages and abilities. Whether you want to keep fit, improve stamina whilst learning effective defence and attack techniques.