Senol Dervis

Personal Trainer | Martial Arts Master | Corrective / Rehab | GP Refferal

Specialises in

        • The Martial Art of Shen Chi Do
        • Kickboxing, Freestyle
        • Fighting Tigers Combat system (founder)
        • Boxing
        • Weight loss / gain
        • Strength / functional training
        • Fitness / cardiovascular
        • Flexibility expert

Senol Dervis a former three-time British, World Kickboxing, Martial Arts champion and a former pro boxer who has worked with one of Britain’s top professional boxing coaches, Oliver Harrison(Amir Khan and Jaime Moore’s former coach).

Senol studies and teaches Shen Chi Do (a combination of martial arts styles) as well as Thai boxing, kickboxing, and boxing. He has developed and established his own martial arts combat system with grading called ‘Fighting Tigers’ and has a wealth of fitness, strength and conditioning experience including corrective training. In his years of teaching, he has worked with a wide range of clients, ranging from children and adults with disabilities to bodyguards and military establishments.