Rebecca Tung

Iyengar Yoga Teacher | Chinese Medical Practitoner BHSc in TCM (UTS)

Specialises in

  • Yoga
  • Functionally-specific yoga exercises
  • Postural and Internal structural alignment
  • Traditional Medical Systems and approaches to health
  • Mind and Body training
  • Occupational Health and Injury Management

Explore with Rebecca Tung her approach to functionally-specific yoga exercises designed to: strengthen and lengthen specific muscles; improve muscle co-ordination; develop dynamic stability; and prevent the development of muscle imbalances that may contribute to musculoskeletal injury.

Rebecca’s progressive approach to health and fitness aims to develop balance in the musculoskeletal system whilst building energetic connections in the body for dynamic “whole body power”. After completing her Bachelor of Health Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine (Sydney, Australia) in 2002, Rebecca enrolled in a rigorous Iyengar Yoga Teacher Training program for a further 4 years. Rebecca has furthered her training by regular visits with teachers throughout South East Asia, China and India. Rebecca has taken her studies into western medical models of exercise by using principles of Clinical Pilates for rehabilitation for injuries such as lower back pain.

Rebecca addresses the concerns of an individual by taking into consideration their whole health. She encourages you to learn about your body, whilst offering simple and effective ways to develop strength, flexibility and structural alignment leaving you feeling empowered after each session.

Rebecca believes the way forward to improve your fitness, is to develop a strong and supple body that includes the training for mental clarity and sharpness. Her clinical experience and work in occupational health has given her unique skills on how to address “desk bound” bodies afflicted by stiffness, imbalances, weakness and general poor conditioning through overuse.

Rebecca has used her approach with people from all backgrounds and levels of conditioning or fitness ranging from those behind a desk in a sedentary working environment to the dynamic and driven professional athlete.