Kasia Markiewicz

Personal Trainer | Nutrition Coach | BSc Sport and Exercise Science

Specialises in:

  • Scientific approach to fat Loss
  • Body sculpting and toning
  • Nutritional advice and guidance
  • Functional and strength training
  • Optimizing your health through training and nutrition
  • Training Smart, Eating Better, Getting Results!

Kasia is a dedicated fitness fanatic and health and nutrition enthusiast, with a particular expertise in fat loss.

Holding a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science from the UK’s leading sports science institute at the University of Exeter and being a certified Level 3 REPS personal trainer, Kasia provides an advanced scientific and evidence based approach to training and nutrition.

Kasia has worked with many women in different countries, utilising advanced evidence based training principals to maximise their fat loss, whilst building muscle and increasing their fitness. She uses her experience and knowledge, to create bespoke training and nutrition programmes targeted to your specific goals by looking at you holistically, factoring in; your lifestyle, sleep, nutrition, hydration and activity levels. Kasia will work closely with you, to educate you whilst achieving you goals, so that you’re able to continue your progress and create a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

Having completed her own weight loss journey and lifestyle change while holding down a demanding job some years ago, Kasia can relate to her clients experience throughout their journey. She works closely with her clients, making realistic and achievable changes to their exercise and diet, while giving them the motivation and support every step of the way to achieve that kick ass physique!