Specialities include:

  • Pilates and Barre movements and methods
  • Functional movement, mobility, and postural work
  • Fat loss
  • Optimal health through nutrition and training
  • Nutritional Guidance
  • Dance training

Helen discovered her love for fitness and movement when she began dancing at the age of 11. By 15 she was training at a professional level and one year later, moved to London from her hometown of Liverpool to continue her training at Rambert School of Contemporary Dance.

After graduating from Rambert with a first class honours degree, she sustained a serious injury whilst working with a contemporary dance company. Whilst in rehabilitation for her injury, Helen found a passion in Pilates (and Pilates derived methods) for the strongest, healthiest body. Helen later trained with Premier Training, Stott Pilates, and Paolas Body Barre to further her knowledge and is now working as a personal trainer in South West London, and Senior Trainer for Paola’s Body Barre.

 “I strongly believe in being kind to your body. This means training hard with a knowledgeable approach, eating wholesome, nourishing foods, and living life to the full. 

Health and fitness is a lifestyle! Whether you are starting this lifestyle from scratch, looking to set new goals, or simply need an extra push at times, I truly believe I can help you. I am passionate about my clients enjoying their sessions, whilst achieving their goals in a sustainable and balanced way.”